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For people that can’t afford Custom Orthotics

Australian sport podiatrists Graeme Simpson (B.App.Sc. Human Movement, B.App.Sc. Podiatry) and Dan Thomas (B.App.Sc. Human Movement, B.App.Sc. Podiatry), directors of Interpod, began their careers as physical education teachers. They shared a passion for sports, believing in the motto “healthy body, healthy mind.” Their mission was to help others reach their personal goals, from a 1km walk to climbing a mountain. Along the way, they discovered that the most common reason for non-participation was overuse injuries to the foot or leg, which led them to study podiatry.

Upon graduation, they started manufacturing custom-made orthotics. CNC, plaster cast, and 3D printing are the standard methods used to create custom-made orthotics; however, these methods are time-consuming and expensive. Graeme and Dan faced the challenge of producing custom-like orthotics more cost-effectively.

Their dedication and innovation led to the development of Interpod orthotics, offering high-quality, affordable solutions for individuals seeking relief from foot and leg pain. These orthotics provide the benefits of custom-made orthotics without the hefty price tag, making them accessible to a wider range of people.

Who Loves Us?

The NHS does! Government funded Podiatry centres like the National Health Service in the UK operate on a tight budget. They need results -immediate, cost effective with minimal returns. They love Interpod. Interpod has grown from its humble backyard beginnings to a worldwide distributor of foot orthotics to the medical industry.

Supporting Research by Podiatry Universities on Interpod

Interpod prefabricated foot orthotic device is capable of decreasing internal tibial rotation

Interpod caused a statistically significant change in frontal plane calcaneal position

there is no difference between the comfort and fit between Interpod and custom made foot orthoses

"The Keystone device is a reliable tool that can be used in clinical and research contexts”

"PURITY INDEX shows a 28% improvement in the transfer of the body’s potential to kinetic energy

"This study suggests the Keystone device is suitable for use for assistance in the prescription of prefabricated orthoses"

Interpod is Evidence Based

Currently, Interpod is the only orthotic company with independent unpaid university research. And Dan and Graeme? They still operate the company and are still love to encourage others to be active and to do the things they want pain free.

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