Interpod are used by Practitioners to treat foot and leg pains just like Custom orthotics but why do Custom orthotics cost so much more?
The reason Interpod cost less than Custom Orthotics is due to manufacturing methods.  Custom Orthotics are made using 3D Printing, CNC or Plaster Casting. These are time consuming and expensive compared to injection molding used by Interpod.  
Which are better for comfort and ease of fit into shoes - Custom made orthotics or Interpod orthotics?

The Interpod orthotic shape was developed over years of clinical practice. It is designed to be comfortable, fit easily into shoes and proven support to reduce pain. Research showed Interpod to be more comfortable, need less adjustments and fitted easier into the shoe than Custom orthotics.

Preferred: Interpod Custom No Difference
Comfort 25% 18% 57%
Needing Adjustment none 16%
Fit to the Shoe 10% 6% 84%

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Do I need a different foot orthotic to treat different pains such as back pain, knee pain, arch pain, bunion pain?
No. Orthotics are designed to control pronation (foot rolling inward) and assist supination (foot rolling outward) and by doing this they reduce the impact of each step and the strain put on the muscles and tissues. People that do too much activity strain their tissues- and that pain can be in the foot, leg, knee hip or back- depending on their own weakness. 
Why are Interpod orthotics more effective than common cheaper online and retail orthotics?
Interpod use the same medically proven design features as Custom orthotics to help the foot to absorb the impact of each step by controlling pronation and assisting supination. These design features are not found in cheaper retail orthotics. Interpod and Custom orthotics also use superior materials  
Who designs and makes Interpod insoles?
Interpod is designed and owned by Australian Podiatrists and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand 
What are Interpod orthotics made from?
Interpod orthotics are made from the highest quality materials available and are comparable in function to Custom made orthotics. The materials we use to achieve this are Polyurethane or Polypropylene. 
Who can use Interpod orthotics?

Interpod orthotics are prescribed by medical practitioners, or you can purchase the core range here online to treat common injuries of the foot up to the lower back. If you are unsure about using orthotics you can contact us or your local Podiatrist or practitioner to review your orthotic choice or treatment.

How long do interpod orthotics last?
Interpod polyurethane orthotics (The COMFORT orthotic) will last the life of your shoe. 
Interpod polypropylene orthotics (the PAIN, SPORT and SLIM FIT orthotics) can last several years. The eva top covers can be replaced separately when worn. They can also be adjusted by your local practitioner. 
What sets Interpod apart from other insoles and retail orthotics?
  • Interpod are clinically tested and proven to be effective. Our designs are supported by four different Universities Research around the world which no other orthotic company has.*link to Research page
  • Design features help the foot to absorb impacts, reducing pain and injury.
  • We bridge the gap between expensive custom made orthotics and cheaper retail orthotics.
  • Interpod are the most used orthotic in the UK’s NHS hospitals where practitioners need cost effective, time efficient results
How can Interpod orthotic innersoles help both high and low arched feet?
The function of the foot is to absorb the impact of each step. People with high or low arch feet often do not absorb impacts effectively.  This adds strain to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot and leg. 

For help with your Interpod orthotics  you can consult your Podiatrist or practitioner – all practitioners have access to the Interpod orthotic range. 

Can Interpod orthotics cause pain and discomfort? Does it take long to get used to them?
Interpod orthotics are flexible and /or soft to feel depending of which orthotic you choose. They should not cause any foot pain or discomfort. This is why we recommend ‘wearing in’  your Interpod orthotics for 1 hour in the first few days and slowly increasing the time of wear every day until they feel 100% comfortable. If your discomfort continues please contact us, your nearest podiatrist or practitioner. Interpod is available to all practitioners. 
What type of shoes can Interpod orthotics fit into?
There’s an Interpod orthotic for every type of shoe. From runners to work boots to women’s fashion shoes. Generally speaking, the ‘best’ type of shoe for maximum support and comfort is a typical lace up ‘running/walking’ shoe. Whereas the least supportive shoe is a women’s slip-on high heel dress shoe. Interpod recommend wearing orthotics in shoes most like and as close to a running style shoe for maximum support, comfort and pain relief. 
Do I need to wear Interpod orthotic insoles in both shoes, even though only one foot has a problem?
Yes. To keep your walking pattern even we recommend using orthotics in both left and right sides.
How do I know Interpod orthotics will work for me?
Interpod orthotics are used by many medical practitioners throughout the world. They are often used instead of custom orthotics because of the excellent cost effective results they provide. 

We offer a 3 month guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason, you simply return them to us for a full money refund (including shipping cost). 

When should I seek professional help for my foot problem?
Interpod orthotics are highly effective at reducing aches and pains.  The most common cause of foot complaints is from doing too much too soon beyond what your body is used too.  If your pain continues after several weeks of using Interpod  we recommend contacting your practitioner.  
How do I clean my Interpod orthotics?
You can wash Interpod by hand with warm soapy water. Do not put them in the washing machine or the clothes dryer 
Where is my order?

If for some reason your order does not arrive when expected please contact our Customer Service Team on +61 3 9591 9600 or send an email to orders@interpod.com.au

Our offices are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.

What is our return policy?

If for any reason you would like to return your Interpod order, you may do so. Please contact us by sending an email to info@interpod.com.au