Our Difference

Interpod keeps you on your feet, replacing rest and rehab with activity.


Trust the No. 1 orthotic brand used by podiatrists in the UK’s National Health System


Supported by independent, unpaid, University research


Developed by podiatrists with over 20 years of practice


Designed and manufactured in AUS and NZ with recyclable materials

Interpod share the same design features as expensive Custom Made Orthotics.

Design features enable the orthotic to support the foot by helping it to resist pronation and assist supination; reducing pain, preventing injury and improving performance. These design features are not found in common cheaper retail orthotics.

Why you should choose Interpod 

Interpod Custom Superfeet Formthotics Footlogics Prothotics Vionic Power Steps
Rear Foot Wedge

Cuboid Notch

Plantar Groove

1st Cut Out

1st Declination

Replaceable Top Covers

University Research

The primary function of all orthotics is to reduce pain and prevent injury by helping the foot resist pronation and assist supination. With this in mind, the key to effective orthotics lies in striking a balance between support and comfort. Many affordable retail orthotics offer comfort but provide minimal support to the foot, which means conditions like foot, ankle, heel, knee, and back pain may persist. On the other hand, some orthotics are supportive but can be too hard and uncomfortable. Interpod has expertly fine-tuned their orthotic design features to deliver both support and comfort, ensuring a better experience for users.

University Research

From Australia, US, Canada and UK


Independent Universities support the effectiveness of Interpod design features. We partner with clinicians, athletes and coaches to design our range of products.

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When you place an order with us, it will be dispatched immediately.


Our manufacturing process strives for zero waste and NueroFlex is recyclable.

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Our Neuroflex range has a 5 year warranty. That is why we have a no fuss return policy.