Model SF for SlimFit


Product Description

Model SF SlimFit orthotic provides light support. It is made from NeuroFlex – a type of polypropylene specifically created by Interpod. It is lightweight, flexible and extremely durable. The thin streamlined contours allows it to fit into all footwear including most tight shoes. Model SF reduces general aches and pains associated with standing on your feet for extended periods.

Features include:
* Fits easily into tight shoes
* Flexible, light weight and comfortable
* Designed mainly for use in tight shoes and specialty footwear
* Impervious to moisture and odours, easily cleaned with a warm soapy cloth
* Self-adhesive replaceable top covers

Product Warranty

Model SF shell is made from NeuroFlex material and is guaranteed to last five years- provided you keep your orthotics out of direct sunlight and clear your shoes from dirt and sand. The ¾ length self-adhesive replaceable top covers are made from eva with a nylon top cover and will last a minimum of 30 days.

Support for Tight Fitting Shoes

Model SF is made from 4 mm thick NeuroFlex material which is a blend of polypropylene and carbon fibre. At 4 mm thick NeuroFlex is firm but highly flexible allowing the arch and plantar fascia of the foot to mildly resist pronation and move with a natural motion of the foot to support supination.

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Light Support

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For Tired Aching Feet

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Narrow Shoes

Light Support

For Tired Aching Feet


Model SF is ergonomically designed to fit easily into tight fitting footwear such as dress, business or speciality sport shoes. The low arch profile adds comfort and provides mild support for tired achy feet. It’s perfect for people that have some aches and pains but no real injuries. It is slimmer, lighter, more flexible but has less support than the Model P orthotic.

It is recommended by podiatrists for added support in tight footwear that the Model P orthotic cannot fit.

SlimFit Orthotic FAQs

When would I use MODEL SF SLIMFIT Orthotic?
The MODEL SF SLIMFIT orthotic insole is perfect for any type of tight-fitting footwear, such as dress, business, or cycling shoes, where it provides a mild level of arch support and foot comfort. It is ideal for those who use the MODEL C COMFORT or MODEL P orthotic insoles in their sport or casual shoes but require the MODEL SF SLIMFIT orthotic for tighter shoes. Having orthotic support in all shoes helps to reduce tired, achy feet and legs.
How does MODEL SF SLIMFIT differ from other Interpod orthotics?
The MODEL SF SLIMFIT orthotic insole is ergonomically designed to sit flat in the back of the shoe, preventing the heel from lifting out of the back of the shoe while still providing adequate support. Its narrow width and low arch design make it more comfortable and take up less room in the shoe. It also comes with a ¾ length replaceable cover, making it a perfect fit for tighter fitting dress shoes.
Can I use MODEL SF SLIMFIT Orthotic in any shoe or just tight fitting shoes?
Yes, you can use the MODEL SF SLIMFIT orthotic in any shoe. It provides mild support in all footwear, helping you avoid tired, achy feet that often occur at the end of a long day. It is easily placed under the existing flat insole found in most shoes and boots. Its hook shape makes it an ideal fit for tighter footwear, providing comfort and support where it’s needed most.

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