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Product Description

Model S Sport orthotic provides mild support. It is made from NeuroFlex – a type of polypropylene specifically created by Interpod. It is lightweight, very flexible and extremely durable. The thin streamlined contours allows it to fit into most footwear. Model S reduces the strain on muscles and ligaments to help active people improve performance and train more frequently.

Features include:
* Fits easily into most shoes
* Very flexible, light weight and comfortable
* Designed mainly for use in sport shoes
* Impervious to moisture and odours, easily cleaned with a warm soapy cloth
* Self-adhesive replaceable top covers

Product Warranty

Model S is made from NeuroFlex material and is guaranteed to last five years- provided you keep your orthotics out of direct sunlight and clear your shoes from dirt and sand. The full-length self-adhesive replaceable top covers are made from EVA and will last a minimum of 30 days.

3 reviews for Model S for Sport

  1. Ashleigh (verified owner)

    Great in my joggers and soccer boots – ultra thin & comfy – will be buying more so I don’t have to interchange between shoes!

  2. Feargal

    Very happy with my recent purchase of ‘Sport Orthotic Model S’. I have been wearing orthotics for 10+ years and I have finally found a pair that work for my feet and my pocket. These are as good as any custom orthotic I have worn at a fraction of the price.

  3. Aidan (verified owner)

    I am now constantly running in these up to 40km a week with no pain during higher intensities. As a physio I would recommend.

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Do more with less energy

The Sport orthotic is made from 3 mm NeuroFlex material which is like a blend of polypropylene and carbon fibre. 3 mm NeuroFlex is firm but highly flexible. It supports the plantar fascia by resisting the strain put on the muscles, tendons and ligaments during pronation. It also flexes with the natural movement of the foot stabilising it, and again reducing the strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments during supination.

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Mild Support

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Improves Performance

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Active Shoes

Mild Support

Improve Performance

Model S orthotic is designed to help improve your natural biomechanics so you can run longer and further with less effort. It’s perfect for people that have aches from regular activities but no real injuries; or for those just wanting to improve performance. It is made from ultra-thin NeuroFlex material making it slim and light, perfect support and comfort for high impact activities.

Sport Orthotic FAQs

What sports best suit the MODEL S SPORT Orthotic Insole?
The MODEL S SPORT Orthotic insole is designed for multi-directional activities such as walking, running, and jumping type activities like football and hockey, which are sports with high impact. It provides light support with a very flexible and comfortable arch profile, making it the best orthotic insole for those who have stable, normal arch profiles and get aches when they exercise too much, such as sore feet, knee or shin tightness. The low arch profile and slim flexible shell of the MODEL S insole make it a perfect fit for almost all footwear, including tight shoes for sports like golf and cycling.
How does MODEL S SPORT Orthotic compare to MODEL P and MODEL C?
Compared to the higher arch and more supportive MODEL P PAIN and MODEL C COMFORT orthotic insoles, the MODEL S SPORT Orthotic provides light support with a low arch height and rearfoot wedge, making it more flexible, lighter, and comfortable. It is perfect for people who don’t experience pain but do get aches and soreness from doing activities. The MODEL S SPORT Orthotic provides light support to help reduce fatigue and improve performance, but it is not as supportive as the MODEL P or MODEL C COMFORT orthotic insoles.
How does MODEL S SPORT Orthotic work?
The MODEL S SPORT Orthotic works similarly to the MODEL P but with less support. It provides light support to reduce some strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the feet and legs, helping to improve performance. The reduced arch height and stiffness of the MODEL S insole also increase comfort and ease of fit into more shoes, especially tighter fitting shoes such as cycling and golf shoes.

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