Interpod Orthotic Insoles for Arch Support

Interpod is an Australian manufacturer of affordable orthotic insoles designed by Sport Podiatrists Graeme Simpson and Dan Thomas to support the foot and arch. Our insoles are ideal for individuals with flat or high-arched feet and help reduce foot, leg, and back pain by supporting the arch to resist pronation and assist supination.

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All shoe types

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Cushioned Support
Roomy shoes and boots

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Sport shoes

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Light Support
Tight fitting shoes

Evidence based design

Interpod’s orthotic insoles are designed based on evidence and supported by Podiatry Universities globally, including La Trobe in Australia, Duquesne in Pittsburgh, USA, and the Department of Human Kinetics in Québec, Canada. Our insoles are designed to be similar to expensive orthopaedic insoles and custom orthotics, but at an affordable price point. Our research highlights the effectiveness of Interpod insoles in reducing pronation and supporting the Windlass mechanism needed for supination, thanks to their proven design features. In addition, Interpod insoles are designed to provide optimal comfort and ease of fit without the need for adjustment.

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Maximum Comfort, Fit, Shock Absorption and Injury Prevention

Interpod’s orthotic insoles are designed to be extremely comfortable, providing maximum support and shock absorption. Our insoles are made using the most current materials available to the Podiatry profession, making them highly shock-absorbing. They have a slim, lightweight profile that maximizes their fit into all types of shoes. Our orthotic design is based on years of clinical sports experience and is intended to improve performance and reduce foot pain by biomechanically resisting pronation while supporting supination.

Locally Owned and Designed by Australian Sport Podiatrists

Interpod is an Australian company owned and designed by accomplished Sport Podiatrists Graeme Simpson and Dan Thomas. They both have double degrees in Physical Education and Podiatry and worked as PE instructors and coaches before becoming Sport Podiatrists. They created the Interpod medical range of orthotic insoles as a cost-effective alternative to expensive orthopaedic orthotics for patients. Interpod insoles use the same design features as custom-made orthotics prescribed by Podiatrists to address pronation and supination, but they are manufactured at a fraction of the cost.

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Maximum support

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Improve performance

How Insoles Alleviate Arch and Foot Pain FAQs

What are arch support insoles?
Arch support insoles are specially designed insoles that have a raised arch to prevent the foot from flattening and rolling inward (pronation) during activities such as walking or running. To enhance their performance and function, a rearfoot wedge is added into the heel of the orthotic, greatly increasing the arch support needed to reduce pronation. Arch support insoles help reduce foot pain by providing support and reducing strain on the foot’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
Who Can Benefit From Arch Support Insoles?
Anyone who experiences foot pain, particularly related to excessive pronation or a flat arch, can benefit from arch support insoles. These insoles are particularly useful for individuals who are on their feet for extended periods, participate in high-impact activities, or have a history of foot injuries. Additionally, people with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and heel spurs may find relief by using arch support insoles.
Understanding How Orthotic Insoles Work
Orthotic insoles can effectively alleviate foot pain caused by various conditions, including plantar fasciitis, bunions, arch pain, heel pain, knee pain, and back pain. They work by reducing the strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are commonly overused during physical activities. By resisting pronation, orthotics reduce the lengthening and strain put on the plantar fascia. They also lower the effort needed to supinate the foot, which can help prevent arch and foot pain. Additionally, the orthotic material itself plays a role in reducing foot pain. Orthotics made from firm material need to flex, while insoles made from soft cushion material need to compress, effectively absorbing the impact of each step.
Deciding If Insoles Are Right for You
Orthotics are a helpful solution for pain resulting from overactivity or doing too much too soon. If you’re experiencing aches and pains in your feet, legs, hips, or low back not related to a known illness, the pain is most likely biomechanically induced. However, before trying orthotics, ensure that you’re using the right footwear for your activity. Wearing appropriate footwear can sometimes alleviate your discomfort. Using orthotics placed in the correct footwear can reduce the need for rest, stretching, or other exercises necessary to prevent injury and pain.
What Makes Interpod's Orthotic Insoles Stand Out
Interpod’s orthotic insoles are unique and effective due to their specific design features, usually only found in expensive custom-made orthotics prescribed by podiatrists. Interpod’s orthotics are supported by independent unpaid research from universities in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, highlighting their ability to reduce pain and injury. Interpod’s orthotics are also made from the highest quality materials, making them slim, lightweight, and comfortable. Interpod products are designed and owned by Australian sport podiatrists.