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Product Description

Model C Comfort orthotic has superior shock absorption and cushion support. It is made from polyurethane, an expensive superior shock absorbing material. The foam mid-layer helps to absorb moisture and is impregnated with an anti-microbial agent to protect from tinea and odors. The top layer is nylon based preventing wear and also improving grip within the shoe.

  • Fits best in roomy shoes and boots
  • Made from superior shock absorption materials
  • Improves comfort and reduces joint stress
  • Anti-odour, Insoles stay fresher, longer, keeping your feet cool and dry
Product Warranty

Model C is made from polyurethane with a 30 day money back guarantee. The self-adhesive replaceable top covers are made from eva with a nylon top cover and will last a minimum of 30 days.

8 reviews for Model C for Comfort

  1. Joshua E. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable but thick- suitable for boots and larger shoes. Have been using in my work boots and have made a massive difference

  2. Hilary M. (verified owner)

    This model provides good support while also providing relief for my heel spur.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Feels great – very comfortable using this pretty much everyday while on holidays and walking everywhere

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product! Arrived very soon after my order was placed.

  5. Daniel Stanton (verified owner)

    I’ve been using orthotics for a good length of time, and swear by them to keep my feet healthy and happy. These Model C comfort orthotics are superb in quality and provide great support in the busy butcher life. Thanks muchly

  6. Penny James (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible purchasing experience from the website to customer service and finally the mobility experience (Pain free!!!). I’ve had multiple orthopaedic surgeries which have now impacted on my walking capacity and pain levels that go with just the walking action. I bought both the model C and P inserts to enable me to travel to Northern Europe (including Lapland in mid winter icy conditions). I ended up using predominantly my Model C insert and was pain free when it came to my Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy. Can’t recommend these enough. Thank you again for your prompt customer service and advice. Not common in this day and age. Cheers.

  7. Sean (verified owner)

    Product and service great

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great. I wear them in my work boots, on my feet all day. Very comfortable & supportive.

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Shock absorbing comfort.

Model C  is made from polyurethane – the most superior shock absorbing material used by Podiatrist’s. Varying in thickness from 1cm to 4cm the Model C is soft for shock absorption and cushioning but also firm to to relieve aches and tiredness in the arch, heel and forefoot. The mesh top cover gives superior grip and ventilation into the foam mid layer that is embedded with an anti-microbial agent providing protection from bacteria. The 2mm  foam layer has excellent moisture wicking properties to keep your foot dry and free of moisture.

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Cushioned Support

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Joint Pain

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Roomy Shoes

Is Model C for You?

The benefits of our Comfort Orthotic include:


You can think of Model C as a supportive orthotic made from a spongy shock absorbing material. It’s a little thicker and bulkier than the other Interpod orthotics, fitting into roomy shoes and boots – it feels like a firm sponge under the foot. It transforms the feel of cheaper harder shoes into feeling like supportive and expensive $700 footwear!

It’s perfect for the great outdoors – walk, stand, run or hike. If you are wanting to improve the comfort and cushioning of your shoes, preventing  aches or pains,  Model C Comfort Orthotic is for you.

      Comfort Orthotic FAQs

      What makes MODEL C so comfortable?
      The MODEL C COMFORT orthotic is designed for superior comfort, thanks to its use of Polyurethane, the most advanced and shock-absorbing material in insole manufacturing. Its firmness, which is not too hard or too soft, provides a soft cushioning effect that ensures maximum comfort. The insole is also contoured to the foot, providing arch support without pressing too hard into your foot.
      How is the MODEL C insole different to other orthotics?
      The MODEL C COMFORT orthotic is unique in that it is made from superior shock-absorbing materials, making it the ultimate shock-absorbing insole. The insole is thicker and bulkier than most cheap insoles and softer than the MODEL P, S, and SF insoles. Its firm softness delivers increased comfort and shock absorption, making it a perfect fit for roomy casual walking shoes, hiking boots, or work boots. It is also frequently used in sports shoes for extra shock absorption.
      When should I use MODEL C
      If you have tired or sore feet, the MODEL C insole is an excellent solution for added comfort, padding, cushioning, and shock absorption. This orthotic insole is ideal for walking or running, hiking, and it is the best insole for work shoes and boots. However, if you experience pain, we recommend using the MODEL P orthotic insole for superior support, as it is designed to treat various conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, bunion, arch, heel, shin, knee, or back pain.

      In summary, if you’re looking for an insole to provide you with added comfort, padding, and cushioning, the MODEL C COMFORT orthotic insole is an excellent choice. With its use of superior shock-absorbing material and contoured design, this insole is designed to keep you comfortable and supported all day long.

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