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Model P Pain Orthotic Insole – Product Overview

  • The Model P Pain Orthotic Insole is designed to provide effective pain relief and improve performance.
  • Made from NeuroFlex, a patented material created by Interpod, the orthotic is lightweight, flexible and designed to fit into all shoes suitable for orthotic use.
  • The insole features the same design elements as custom made orthotics, making it a cost-effective alternative for those seeking the benefits of custom orthotics.

Key Features of the Model P Pain Orthotic Insole:

  • Lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort
  • Suitable for all activities, including running, walking, hiking, skiing, and field sports
  • Fits easily into all shoes suitable for orthotic insoles
    Impervious to moisture and odors, easily cleaned with a warm soapy cloth
  • Self-adhesive, replaceable top covers
  • An affordable alternative to custom made orthotics

Invest in the Model P Pain Orthotic Insole and enjoy the benefits of improved performance and pain relief.

Product Warranty

The Model P Pain Orthotic is backed by a five-year warranty, ensuring its longevity and reliability. Made from high-quality NeuroFlex material, the Model P is designed to provide maximum support and comfort for a wide range of activities, from running and walking to hiking, skiing, and field sports. To ensure the longevity of the Model P, it is recommended to keep it out of direct sunlight and to regularly clean it from dirt and sand. Additionally, the full-length replaceable top covers, made from durable EVA material, are guaranteed to last at least 30 days and can easily be replaced as needed.

Made in Australia and New Zealand

19 reviews for Model P for Pain

  1. Ashleigh (verified owner)

    Great in my work boots! Definitely will be buying more I also love that the foam top is replaceable!

  2. Kaitlin

    This is my first pair of orthotics, treating recovering plantar fasciitis and flat feet. They are very comfortable and I’m happy with the product

  3. Mariam (verified owner)

    Great orthotics, provides good support. Also the customer service is quick to respond to messages.

  4. Robyn (verified owner)

    I have used Interpod orthotics for probably over 10 years. The same 2 pairs in that time. Looking forward to trying my new improved pair. They greatly relieved nerve pain in my left foot suffered after a fractured ankle. Very debilitating. Also have very flat feet so very tired and painful at the end of the day. Nerve pain now gone and can be on my feet more.

  5. Hamish

    Great quality product. I had painful achilles tendons and these worked amazingingly, eliminating the pain in a matter of days.

  6. Mai

    I was introduced to orthotics by my podiatrist after complaining to him about my heel pain. I tried the Model P and it has helped me a lot.

  7. Julian Rawendra (verified owner)

    Loved these. Took a couple of weeks to adjust to the new feeling, but now feet feel way more comfortable, and no lingering pain after walking all day and exercising in them. Love them.

  8. David Hough (verified owner)

    Really good! Unable to notice any difference in performance compared to my previous custom orthotics costing hundreds more. I needed to find something else as I was having to spend $200 every few months to get my previous ones recovered from wearing through them. The best thing with these Interpod’s is that they seem to work as well as my custom pair, while the replacement covers cost far less and are lasting 3x longer. The sharper edges on the heel cut into the shoe floor over time so I try to wear on top of a shoes original insole if possible.

  9. Brad (verified owner)

    Awesome product. No more pain on long runs

  10. Geoff G. (verified owner)

    Have Degenerative Medial Knee Osteoarthritis.
    Do a lot of hiking – sceptical at first – has definitely helped a lot.

  11. Elaine Ginnivan (verified owner)

    Excellent Arc support innersoles. They have helped to relieve my arch foot pain. I am extremely pleased that I purchased this product.

  12. Bryan (verified owner)

    Great product, shipped quickly to the Us (Boston) after a pair went missing due to stolen running shoes. I’ve used Interpod orthotics for a few years and they have been the only option I’ve found to keep me on my feet as a distance runner. They are a great alternative to pricey and not dependable custom orthotics. Customer service is excellent! They will help you find the right fit and make sure your order is delivered as expected.

  13. Bryan (verified owner)

    I’m a distance runner and have gone through several different orthotics over the last 10+ years. I have hyper-flexible feet and could not find a insole that kept my feet and knees pain free. My podiatrist fitted me with Interpod orthotics while living in Ireland and they immediately resolved my issues. Since then I’ve used a couple of different types, and have landed on the new Model P version in the last 2 years. Several half and full marathons later and they are excellent and the key to success for me!

    I now live in the US and recently had a pair go missing when my running shoes were stolen. Who steals used running shoes? Anyway, in the middle of a training cycle so I emailed customer service and they expedited a shipment very quickly and got me back on my feet.

    I can’t recommend this company and their product enough. Great durable product, many options to choose from, excellent alternative to expensive custom orthotics, and great customer service! Their support for US customers is growing quickly and I had a great experience getting my order processed, shipped, and delivered to Boston very quickly.

  14. Mary Black (verified owner)

    I not sure what you mean about Sox as I didn’t receive any.

  15. Sean (verified owner)

    Great product and service

  16. KaZ Blake-Owen (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the quality of this product. My feet were quite painful after a long walk but since using these supports I am pain free, so I have more confidence to increase my cardio now. Thank you Interpod.

  17. Aidan (verified owner)

    Able to work long hours as a physio without pain, I am wanting to continue moving after work instead of needing to sit down and rest.

  18. Helen (verified owner)

    Item is as described

  19. Angela Johnston (verified owner)

    Excellent, fits well into his shoes

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Improve Comfort and Performance with Model P Orthotic Insoles

Experience relief from walking and running pains with Model P Orthotic Insoles – the best supportive insoles for reducing discomfort caused by activity. Our Interpod insoles are designed using medically proven features, similar to those found in custom-made orthotics, to reduce the strain placed on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot, leg, and back. Model P Orthotic Insoles can effectively treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunion pain, arch pain, flat feet, shin pain, knee pain, and low back pain. Improve your comfort and performance with Model P Orthotic Insoles.

Podiatry Biomechanical Design Features

  • Rearfoot wedge
  • Plantar Fascial Groove
  • Cuboid Notch
  • 1st Cut Out
Icon showing triangle with arrow pointing upward on longest side

High Support

Icon showing foot with pain lines from heel

Ultimate Pain Relief

Shoe icon

All Shoes

Is Model P Orthotic Insole for You?

The Model P Pain Orthotic Insole is designed to address the impact-absorption needs of your feet while engaging in various activities. Its unique design helps to resist pronation and support supination, reducing strain on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the foot and leg. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, the Model P Orthotic Insole could be the ideal solution to keep you active, improve performance and injury-free. If your pain persists, it’s advisable to consult with your practitioner or reach out to Interpod directly.

Our Model P Orthotic treats these conditions:

Ankle Pain
Arch Pain
Flat Feet
Forefoot Pain
Heel Pain
Heel Spur
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Mortons Neuroma
Plantar Fasciitis
Back Pain
Shin Splints

Pain Orthotic FAQs

When do I use the MODEL P Orthotic?

You use the MODEL P orthotic if you have pain or injuries in the foot, leg or low back that are a result of doing too much activity. The MODEL P orthotic insole is an ideal solution to alleviate foot pain, particularly for those experiencing plantar fasciitis, bunion, arch, heel, shin, knee, or back pain. Designed to resist pronation and assist supination, the MODEL P orthotic insole treats these biomechanical issues by incorporating proven design features that are typically only found in expensive custom-made orthotics available from Podiatrists.

How does the MODEL P orthotic treat various conditions?

The MODEL P orthotic insole is a medically designed orthotic, similar to custom orthotics used by Podiatrist’s, to support the foot by reducing strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, thus eliminating injuries in different tissues of the foot and leg. Its design features, such as the rearfoot wedge, plantar fascia groove, 1st cutaway, and cuboid notch, resist pronation and assist supination, which are the main underlying causes and drivers of biomechanical issues.

How long do I need to wear the MODEL P for?

The duration for using the MODEL P orthotic insole varies from person to person, as recovery periods differ. Wearing the insole until your pain subsides is a good rule of thumb. Many people find that wearing the MODEL P orthotic insole increases comfort, so they continue using it even after their pain goes away, or they continue to wear it to ensure their pain and injuries don’t return.

What shoes should I use the MODEL P insole in?
The MODEL P insole is best suited for running-style shoes or lace-up shoes/ boots or casual shoes with a flat to slightly raised heel and a firm heel counter. These types of shoes provide the best support for orthotics and supportive insoles to help reduce your pain and prevent injury. Avoid using high-heeled shoes with orthotic insoles, as they do not offer the support you need.
Why can I use the MODEL P orthotic to treat so many different conditions?

The Interpod MODEL P orthotic insole is designed to treat various foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, bunions, shin splints, knee, hip, and back pain. This is because 95% of the conditions treated by orthotic insoles are due to issues with pronation and supination. The MODEL P orthotic insole is an effective medical orthotic that uses built-in design features like a rearfoot wedge, plantar fascial groove, 1st cutaway, and cuboid notch to reduce strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments caused by issues with pronation and supination.

Why does the MODEL P insole reduce pain and improve performance like expensive custom made orthotics?
The Interpod MODEL P orthotic insole has clinically researched design features that are typically only found in expensive custom-made orthotics. This design features resist pronation and assist supination, reducing pain and improving performance, similar to custom made orthotics. The MODEL P orthotic insole includes a rearfoot wedge, plantar fascia groove, 1st cutaway, and cuboid notch to provide the necessary support to keep the foot stable on the ground and resist the weight of the body flattening the arch. Interpod MODEL P orthotic insole has similar benefits to custom-made orthotics but at an affordable price.
How do the replaceable covers work?

The MODEL P insole comes with replaceable covers that are easy to use. The covers have a self-adhesive on them, so all you have to do is peel the paper from the cover and stick it to the orthotic. The covers can be easily peeled off by hand and replaced, keeping your shoes fresh and clean.

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